Finding A Good Rhinoplasty Doctor


All of us are born looking a certain way. Some of us are genetically blessed with the facial symmetry of Botticelli cherubs, some of us are not so lucky. Of course, just because a person doesn’t quite have a perfect face doesn’t necessarily mean that they can’t be happy with their looks. Here’s more info about rhinoplasty in Iran look into our own page.

I’m certainly no vision of beauty myself, but I like my face just fine. In fact, I love my face. It’s mine, and I wouldn’t change a single part of it for the world….alright, I’m lying. I hate my nose. It’s too bumpy, and if I had the guts, I’d change it in a heartbeat.

I’ve been thinking about getting rhinoplasty, and I’ve been trying to find a good rhinoplasty specialist. Finding one who knows what they’re doing isn’t that hard, but if you want a rhinoplasty doctor who understands what you want -one whom you can agree with- a little more research is sometimes in order.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Plastic surgery is any surgical procedure that involves changing the way a person looks. There are specific kinds of procedures for the different parts of the body; even the face.

Rhinoplasty is plastic surgery performed to reshape a person’s nose, and is usually meant to change the way a person’s nose looks, for aesthetic reasons. Also called a “nose job” or “nose reshaping,” this particular plastic surgery procedure is usually a pretty safe and simple one; most of the time, a rhinoplasty doctor will allow their patient to go home and simply take a few pain meds and antibiotics right after their operation.

Alternatively, there’s also non-surgical rhinoplasty, which doesn’t involve going under the knife at all. Like Botox injections, this little procedure involves needles, not knives.

Fillers are injected to change the shape and appearance of a person’s nose. It’s a much less invasive -and often cheaper- procedure than its surgical counterpart, but more often than not, the results are temporary. Depending on the kind of filler being used, most non-surgical rhinoplasty results last five months to a year, and only one kind of permanent filler has, thus far, been approved by the FDA.

Sometimes, rhinoplasty isn’t just a cosmetic procedure; it can be done by a rhinoplasty specialist when a person has a birth defect or has problems with breathing because of the shape of their nose. When this is the case, some health insurance plans will actually cover for all or part of the cost of the procedure.

If it’s just to change the way a person’s nose looks though, it’s really likely that health plans won’t pay for a nose job. This means that a Rhinoplasty can actually set you back by anywhere from one thousand US Dollars, to ten thousand. Ouch.

How do I pick a good rhinoplasty doctor?

Sometimes, finding a rhinoplasty specialist that’s right for you can be as simple as getting referrals from doctors or previous rhinoplasty patients. -Especially if this particular rhinoplasty doctor has come highly recommended by a number of people.

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