How to Design Fabric Structures


A fabric structures is membrane/ or fabric under prestress ( tension ) stage. A structural elements and supporting system required to maintain the tension form. Two shapes are evident in tension fabric structures.
A. Anticlastic structures with two double in opposite curvature. These type of structuresShape carried many free tension fabric forms. Example of pure tensile fabric structures.
B. Synclastic structures with two double curvatures in the same direction. Example of Air supported structures.
Anticlastic curves take a wide variety of free forms but are commonly made up from some basic shapes. The fabric structures form are cone, arched vault and the hypar.
The Cone
– Single cone, multiples cones, fixed edge at the parameter of cone, catenary edges/ or cables edge at the parameter of the cone, variations in overall peak heights, or inverted cone (cone upside down).
The Arched Vault
– Parallel arches or crossed arches.
The Hyper –
– Two opposing high points and two opposing low points.
Fabric structures give natural diffuse light but with reduced heat load. The high reflectivity of the white membrane fabric is very efficient. An very good alternative to polycarbonate or glass as a roof glazingsystem.

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