Unique Aspects of Corporate Brand Design



Every product carries an impression whether by intention or by default; associating that impression with customer’s experience makes the art of brand design so special and unique. Now different brands have different makeover or design which appeal to different groups of people. Do you know what type makes you gasp?

Usually, brand design owes to various factors. These factors are its features, its usage and its suitability. On the other hand, the impression of a product is an amalgam of quite a few factors – they are its name, its price, its packaging, its look, advertising style, and finally, the product type itself. Every marketing communication should therefore be thought of as a contribution to the brand’s image building propensity. So, it is desirable that advertising should consistently project the same brand image year after year. Moreover, the product itself should live up to the expectation and ensure that the claims made in the promotional campaign are true and consistent.


In order to promote the brand and brand design, the advertisement itself should have an excellent look. If it looks very regular or cheap, then it will cut a sorry figure in front of its customers. It should be remembered that advertisement carries the prestige of the product. So, now it is easy to understand that consumer’s buy the image and not the product itself. This is because the consumer has complete faith in that image.

Some manufacturers have been able to build up almost a hypnotizing effect about their products over the years. For instance, a user of Cherry Blossom shoe polish will not change over to any other brand, as the brand name and the advertisement together conveys an image of honesty. Moreover, the price tag also makes the buyer assume that Cherry Blossom must be superior. Similar is the case with one who uses a Parker pen or wears a Van-Heusen shirt. Again, if we consider toilet soaps, there are varieties of them in the market. Most of the high priced soaps are assumed to be of high quality. So, while buying soaps, the consumer actually buys the image and not the soap itself.

It is the advertisement and its positioning that makes the product interesting and not the brand design itself. So, it is important for the advertisement to generate interest in the product or in the brand design as the product itself carries the brand image. Therefore, it is crucial to position the product intelligently. On the other hand, brand name denotes the product quality and ensures the promised benefits. The retention of the brand name eventually hooks the target audience and influences the final purchasing decision. So, a strong identification of the brand name is essential for mass marketing.

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