Four Steps To Reinstate Your Driver’s License


A driver’s license is an important and liberating document. Having your driver’s license reinstated after its suspension can be an important step to raising your quality of life. There are a few simple steps that can be taken to have most driver’s licenses reinstated, which include the proper filing of a SR-50 or SR-22 form by an insurance provider.

The first step that must be taken towards reinstating your license is submitting a request for reinstatement through the court that ordered your suspension. This request can not be submitted by an individual, it must be processed by the court. Also, the request must be made after the date shown in the reinstatement requirement on your official driver record. If your driver record show that your suspension is indefinite, you must contact the court that ordered the suspension for more information.

Once the court has submitted your request for reinstatement, your next step involves obtaining proper insurance. Once you get proper insurance, you must have your insurance provider submit one of two documents to the BMV based on the information on your official driver record. The insurance provider must submit either an SR-22 or an SR-50 form electronically on your behalf.

The third step in reinstating your license is the completed payment of all fees for reinstatement. These fees can be paid through the BMV website by creating a personal account. Once you have completed all of these steps your driver’s license will be reinstated. The final step will be obtaining a new physical copy of your license if yours was taken from your custody.


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